Create the Right Impression with Packaging Design


December 2, 2022

Packaging Designer

Packaging on Television – The Channel 4 Show ‘Aldi’s Next Big thing’ had some great products which unfortunately didn’t make the cut.

This was not a result of any of the products being of a poor quality, it was their packaging designs which ultimately did not sell the product.  Many small businesses like this have a graphic designer create a preliminary label and do not revisit the design when presenting to a larger audience.  Having a brand which is eye catching, relevant and interesting in the competitive supermarket fixture can mean the life or death of a product.

Forty2 Creative have extensive experience in the packaging design industry, including having worked with clients to have their products listed in major retailers around the world.

We can help provide a service which can get the look of your product ready for supermarket audiences and help manage your brands.

You can watch the programme on catchup on Channel 4